Friday, October 26, 2012

New Arrival

I had the privilege of watching these two cute boys while my friend was in the hospital bringing a new baby girl into the world. I only had them some of the time, but I also had the honor of taking them to the hospital to meet their baby sister for the first time. They were especially excited to see their mom and dad, since they had been separated from them for several days. My little one snuck into the hospital room with me and got the chance to hold this precious new one, fresh from heaven. After a few minutes, she looked at the new father and said "she's a little heavy" with a tone that said "take this thing from me."

Her hair is impossible to keep in place, and I had to get three kids dressed and shoed  instead of one.  Sierra kept commenting about how dirty they were. I tried, I really did.

This present from the new baby included crackers and chocolate peanut butter cups. By the end of our visit, Sierra was  happy to have peace and quiet again, although she did have to ask for new, clean sheets; hers were covered with dirt, goldfish crackers, and chocolate smears.

There is something so special about an infant. We all loved the chance to hold and cuddle with her. She is a wonderful baby and wins the prize for being the easiest baby that I have ever met.

Bee reveled in the chance to feed little N. She was so demanding and controlling about when he could and could not eat. He did not seem to mind.


Kimberly Wilson said...

Awww. There sure is something about an infant. Just aww.

Sierra said...

Thanks for taking care of my kids! I didn't blame you for them being dirty, they are always dirty, I just noticed it more when they wamted to put their grubby hands on their new sister. I think shes a great baby, but i am biased so its nice to hear it from someone else.