Sunday, October 14, 2012

Picture Dump from July

I made this onesie for Ben's sister soon after we found out that they were expecting. They are big into pirates and I thought this design was cute.

This one is pretty cute too.

I made this one for my brother and his wife. She loves sunflowers and  so I tried to make something bright and happy for the new little bundle of joy to wear.

I even added ruffles.

Bee caught this picture of Ben and I as we waited at "The Old Talbott Tavern" in Bardstown, KY.

Patience came to visit us for a few days and we had so much fun catching up with her.

We even toured a Bourbon storage facility. We said no to the taste test and I have to admit that I could barely stand the stink of the barrels. Do people really drink this stuff and do they really pay that much to do so? 

Instead of attending the conference in Dallas, our MOPS steering team decide to hold our retreat in Gatlinburg, TN. I had never been there before and thought it was fun to see all of the touristy buildings and entertainment everywhere. We had a nice cabin, high in the woods and spent most of our time holed up there  planning for our MOPS year. It was a productive weekend, but also a lot of fun.

 While I was away, Benjamin had a great time trying to keep the three year old happy and healthy. He did lots of fun activities with her and she loved having so much one-on-one daddy-daughter time.
They even dressed up as dinosaurs.

This (the blue crate one) is the picture that he sent me to help me feel comfortable with his style of parenting. All of the MOPS moms laughed when they saw her all scrunched up in this little crate. She apparently was happily entertained in here for quite some time.

They made slime and he tried to teach her the differences between a liquid and a solid. She was so proud to show me her slime when I returned. Daddy was a little frustrated to find out that after all the time it took to make and clean up the slime, she only played with it for five minutes. Welcome to the short attention spans of a three-year-old. I love how he is always trying to teach her new things.

He also sent me this picture, showing me how he had 'tried' to do her hair. I think she looks beautiful.

He also let her finger paint. Isn't she the cutest??? Benjamin always does a great job playing single parent. He takes amazing care of our little girl and she loves him so much.
Funny story: Yesterday she woke up in our bed and sat up and looked around. She had snuck into our bed around 6 a.m. Usually we do not let her stay, but it was so close to wake up time that I didn't bother moving her. When she realized that daddy was gone, she asked "where's daddy?" He's already gone to work, I answered. Then she replied "I can't believe this" with an air of exasperation. Silly girl.
 We went to watch the fourth of July fireworks from the football stadium near the park. I brought cupcakes and glow necklaces. We hung out with our friends the Myers again this year and Abigail had fun playing on every one's blankets and invading their personal space. Her attention span wasn't long enough to watch the entire fireworks show and she spent a lot of the time running around in circles.

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Kimberly Wilson said...

I love her hair.

Cute pirate onesies. I just saw one recently that said "Oops. I made a twosie in my onesie."

And did you know that mom did ruffles on the back of onesies for Tami's little Makenna? I declare, you and Tami are always looking at the same blogs/pinterest posts! :)