Tuesday, October 30, 2012


This picture was taken at a birthday party that Abby attended. Nobody ended up swimming, it was too cold, but we did stick our feet in the pool. It was a gorgeous day and the kids played and played on the playground. Abby spent quite a bit of time trying to learn to drive a motorized tractor and it's a good thing she has years more to practice before she drives a car.

We love it when we get the chance to have S. over to play.

Our street was being prepared for repavement and these two spent a lot of the day at the window watching the different trucks and tractors rip apart our street.

In the cardboard playhouse that Abby got from her grandmother last birthday reading a recordable book from Aunt Denali. I found a second foldout couch for $2 at a consignment sale and it is just as popular as the Ariel one.

They also enjoyed stringing together Froot Loop necklaces.

S. soon lost patience with this project and headed back to the playroom, but Abigail was dedicated and wanted hers to be especially long.

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Kimberly Wilson said...

I'm always in awe of all you do with Abigail. And her little friends.