Monday, October 1, 2012

Texas Continued

Many tears were shed as we said goodbye to Kimberly and her family. We missed them immediately. My car was pretty packed by this time and Abby was wedged between the bike and her toys and books.
We then headed to Fort Worth to visit my college roommate Elda. Her husband has just completed his pediatric dentistry residency in Indianapolis and now they have relocated to Texas, only an hour from my sister. We had fun visiting with them and watching the girls play. Thanks Elda for letting us stay and for the yummy meals.

I wish Danville had a restaurant with a play place. This one at a B.urger was amazing. These two were entertained the entire time and they both learned to climb up and through things that they had never done before.
While the adults were watching diving on the TV (Olympics), the girls made up their own games. They would sit one of them in the car seat while the other would pretend to drive to the zoo. Then they would unbuckle, run around to the couch and look at all the animals in this book, pretending that it was the zoo. They had so much fun.

The only downside to this quick visit was that I locked my keys in the car. Not only did I not get to leave early as I had planned and awakened early to do, I also had to pay a locksmith to let me in my car so that I could find my keys still in the ignition. Sometimes I wonder what has happened to my brain.

I drove most of the day, completely uneventful and happy, and then stopped again at Rachel's house. She graciously hosted us again and we had fun talking and letting the kids play. My only detour was stopping at a dollar store to let Abby pick out some toys for her friends. They were selling plastic, stackable bins for $.50 so I, obviously, had to have some. I ended up fitting six into the car. It was a challenge getting everything and everyone into and out of the car at each stop, but worth it. Ben's closet is much more organized now that I have a separate bin for everything. Rachel probably thought I was a little crazy. I brought most things inside from the car because it was SO hot that anything left in the car would melt. On the drive out all of Abby's crayons melted, the fruit snacks melted, and the gummy octopuses that she had picked out were a jumbled sticky lump. My nephews actually enjoyed eating that sticky lump of sugar when I graciously gave it to them.

After a good night's sleep, we left Rachel's, completed the drive, and made it safely home. I bribed Abigail and told her that if she did such and such (I can't remember what) that I would let her get an Icee at the next gas station. I have never bought her one of those before. She was so well behaved except for constantly asking if she could have her slushee now. She finally received it and she was the happiest girl ever. Who knew a slushee could have so much bargaining power and so much ability to bring utter happiness to a three-year-old. After that we only had one more hour to drive. We were glad to see daddy and he was glad to see us. He had the house in perfect order (he always does when I'm gone, he claims that it is much easier to keep clean when we are not there) and dinner on the table. He was so helpful and let me rest from the drive while he took care of everything else. It was a successful trip. The drives were long and frustrating, but thankfully fine. The experience was somewhat like childbirth in that it's not fun while it's happening, but that within a few weeks you forget the pain and even start thinking that you could do it again someday. I will probably be driving back to Texas sometime in the distant future.


thepurplecow said...

At least you weren't driving to Utah...

thepurplecow said...

Although I would love it if you drove to Utah...