Friday, November 9, 2012


I enjoy blogging! I like having a forum where I can post pictures of my family in an organized way. I use it as a journal of sorts to keep a record of the important activities and events that we participate in. I do not love writing and am impatient with it, hence the many spelling and grammar errors that you can find throughout this blog. I know how to write, I just am not willing to take the time necessary to produce a polished post. I always post lots of pictures and then struggle to add a few coherent sentences to explain them. I am a photo junkie. I love to look at photographs of my family. Sometimes I read, or really just look at, my posts over and over again. I cannot get enough of my amazing and beautiful family. I love that blogs can be published and printed and I love the blog book that I have at home. I want to make more. I need to. I should do that....

Just today I was blogging and wanted to refer to a link from a previous post from two years ago. I went back to find it and was enthralled again by all of the pictures and the memories that each picture brought with it. Looking at my pictures makes me happy and I love it. That is why I blog. I am not the most prolific or even the most interesting writer. I do not enjoy writing. I love posting pictures. I cannot get enough pictures.

I also find it convenient that my mother and my mother-in-law both check my blog regularly, so that I never have to worry about sending them pictures or updating them on what we have been doing lately. We have regular conversations where they will say something to the effect of "oh yeah, I saw that on your blog." Although there is quite a bit of a time lag from actual activities to there appearance on the blog. My mom often asks me when she will see a post about this activity or that. This forum is great for keeping friends and family aware of us and I really appreciate those of you who are consistent readers of my blog. I love your comments and even your well wishes when you do not comment.

There are so many memories found here and I get so much joy from creating it and from looking at it over and over again. This blog is really just for me, and maybe a little for Abigail, so that someday she will have a record of some of the things she did as a young child. So here's to blog post number 600, one of my few pictureless posts. Thanks for reading! More pictures are coming soon, I promise.

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