Wednesday, November 7, 2012

And Again!

Sierra was sad that she had not been able to go the farm with us on Saturday and asked me if I would be interested in going again on Tuesday. I was exhausted from the weekend, but had really had fun at the pumpkin patch. I agreed to go with her. I know I am crazy, but I do enjoy fall activities and fun weather. It reminds me of the time in 2010 when I went to a pumpkin patch with Ben's work one evening and then I returned again the next day for a playgroup with my MOPS friends. I apparently like to experience each patch at least twice.

Abby was thrilled to go again and enjoyed things more now that she was familiar with what was available. She wanted to show her friends everything. The biggest challenge was that she would just run off without telling me where she was going. She felt so comfortable there that she did not seem to need me at all. We had to have some discussions about asking for permission and about always letting her mommy know where she is.

This time I put velcro shoes on her so that I did not have to deal with laces every time she got on and off and back on the jumping bouncy hill thingy. The weather was cold again, but it warmed up throughout the day.
This slide is so fun and Abby learned to go down it without having to be caught.

Sierra had gone through her bank drive up window on the way there and they gave all the children some stickers  (instead of suckers). Abby decorated herself with them and would not let me take them off. Also, I bought that hair bow there at the farm store, I thought that it was perfect for the season.

The tires were one of her favorites.

These two climbed up here and sat and talked and told each other stories for about fifteen minutes. Notice how her pants are now a sandy gray. She was covered, but at least the sand helped most of the stickers fall off of her pants.

I got to wear baby E. for almost two hours. I loved every second of it. She is such a calm and easy baby. The hayride was pretty full this time, but we made it on.

I made an effort to take some pictures this time of Abby playing in the pumpkins. She really loved it here and she was especially excited that I let her roam free through it and that I actually encouraged her to do so.

Her lips and moustache are blue from the gatorade, and I am in heaven holding this tiny, precious little bundle.  I am so glad that Sierra was so willing to share her with me.

The carts were all taken by the time we got off of the trailer so we had to improvise. It was a challenge to get all the pumpkins and all the children back to the car. We somehow survived it, and then went back to play some more. They practically had to kick us out when they closed at five. Five, seriously? Why could they not be open until six or nine....?

Sierra is so much better at just going with the flow and enjoying things. I am a little bit more uptight and get stressed so much easier.
I am glad that I went again to this farm. Abby really enjoyed herself and it was fun to spend time with our good friends. We then took our sandy, dusty, tired children to an Arby's for dinner. They were well behaved enough that we even let the older two sit by themselves at a table. It's is crazy to see her growing up so fast. I love it and I love her. She is so precious and I cherish all of the fun memories that we are making every day.

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