Saturday, November 10, 2012

Benjamin, The Man!

This is a collection of photographs that Benjamin took or that were taken of him as he participated, especially in the media room, in the 2012 Vice Presidential Debate.

This is me looking around in "spin alley" to see which senators I could spot. Sen. Thune is behind me to the left. Photo by Mindy Wilson

This is in the "spin alley" room the morning of the debate. Photo by Mary Tanner

Photo by Mary Tanner.

The debate stage the week before the debate. We gave elementary school students tours through the debate hall.

Outside the debate hall.

The media room!

There was a perimeter of security fencing around the debate and media hall. On the day of the debate you had to go through airport x-ray security scans to get in.

Internet infrastructure for the phones and internet connections for all the media.

MSNBC filmed most of their day shows from this platform on the day of the debate.

Behind the debate hall - all the networks had their own truck and satellite.

This is the basement of the debate hall where Paul Ryan's family got to hang out during the day.

It's hard to see - but we gave the Abraham statue his own set of media credentials (hanging from the red lanyard).

Centre College President Roush (center left), doing the lottery drawing for the 100 students that got tickets to the debate.

Storefront in downtown Danville.

Me with my colleague Prof Dan Stroup in the media hall. There were hundreds of seats in here for the press and campaign officials. We watched the debate from these seats.

Chris Matthews filming "Hardball" on the day of the debate.

This is a panorama shot of the debate festival area in the mid-afternoon.

Photo by Charlie Compton, WEKU
Notice him sitting next to Don Gonyea! Wow! Photo by Charlie Compton, WEKU

Photo by Charlie Compton, WEKU

Photo by Charlie Compton, WEKU

Recording of Benjamin's NPR interview:

Recaps from the VP debate:

What campus was like mid-afternoon:

Benjamin's post-debate reactions and thoughts:

The evidence that the moderator used a question that Benjamin had tweeted to her ahead of time:

Also, his more organized post-debate ruminations: 


Tawnya said...

Ok, so officially impressed!

thepurplecow said...

You almost look like a grown-up, Ben.

Kimberly Wilson said...

Love the Abraham media credentials!

And--this must have been an experience of a lifetime.

p.s. Those internet/computer cables--whoa!