Saturday, November 3, 2012

Debate Prep

I got to watch little M. and her brothers for a weekend in early October. I had so much fun with these children. I enjoyed the chaos and have earned more respect for parents with lots of children. It took me almost two hours of straight work just to get out of the house with four kids every day. I loved how everyone played together, though and I enjoyed seeing the older boys take such good care of the younger girls.

On Friday we crashed a tour that Benjamin was giving to elementary school students at Centre. We also got to see the media room, the Norton Centre Debate stage, and all of the preparations for the Vice Presidential Debate.
Here we are in front of the debate hall, waiting for his tour group to arrive.

The girls had fun running and playing while we waited. 

They loved it when I chased them around the fountain. They lasted a lot longer than I did.

Looking into the media room where many of the reporters had space and where Benjamin had a table and a phone. He got to be in this room and live tweeted the debate and then participated in interviews after (also before) the debate.

View from the jogging track above.

We got to tour the Norton Center and see all of the preparations (cords everywhere). There were booths at the top for the camera crews to set up. I learned that they keep the stage at 51 degrees Fahrenheit in order to keep the candidates cool. There was an air conditioning vent placed directly over where each candidate would be sitting. The girls were only interested in dancing on the stage, they were completely oblivious to the important event that would take place here.

We also enjoyed coloring that afternoon.

I took the girls to a debate festival that was put on by the Centre college students. It was amazing! Everything was free to the public. The girls got popcorn, their images superimposed onto the oval office with Mitt Romney, the most amazing balloon animals ever, a ride on a mechanical bull, to jump on the tramplines, unlimited rides on the blow-up slide, unlimited turns in the blow-up obstacle course, cotton candy (such a MESS!), stickers, brownies, juice, light up LED glasses, glow necklaces, and more. They had so much fun. Katie especially enjoyed going down the slide with Matti about fifteen times. Why leave the fun to the kids? I also raced with one of my students' parents through the obstacle. The little one thought that that was pretty cool.


Then we headed out with our friends the Hicks' to eat at a local restaurant. We had four adults and five little ones under the age of four. I was trying to be cautious, due to little M's peanut allergy and asked the waitress  which things, if any, were cooked in peanut oil or that had peanuts in them. She assured me that nothing was cooked in peanuts or peanut oil, however she pointed out the peanuts and peanut shells all over the floor of the restaurant. Whoops, I was totally oblivious to that. She kindly brought us a warm washcloth and we washed down the seat and the table. I am so lucky my child does not have an allergy, I am not very good at picking out allergy friendly restaurants. We had great food, but M. did not seem much interested. She ate a little, but then she just climbed up into my arms and cuddled into me. She fell asleep hard and slept in my arms for the rest of dinner. She didn't wake up when we transferred her to the car and to the bed. She is a good sleeper. My Abigail never falls asleep anywhere but her bed, and not even in my arms. I enjoyed how M. was such a cuddler. So sweet.

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