Monday, November 5, 2012

General Conference 2012

Sunday morning arrived and the good news was that it was General Conference Sunday. Not only was I happy to hear the prophet and apostles speak, but I was also glad that I did not have to try to get all of the children dressed and to church by 9:30 a.m.  We had a nice lazy morning. I tried to plan ahead and had found conference packets online. I had the packets printed and ready. I made bingo sheets and cookie dough for the bingo winners. Despite all of my efforts, I did not hear much of conference. The boys were listening for the words on their bingo cards, but they spent so much time talking about which words had or had not been spoken, that I could not hear the rest of the talks. ;) 

They were pretty entertained by these small plastic beads. They had  spokes and the boys wanted to try to make them into gears. I gave them some pins and they made interlocking gears that would all move in tandem. I was super impressed by their creativity.

They also, surprisingly, found ways to play with all of Abby's girly toys.

The sensory bucket was a big hit with all of the kids. They spent lots of time looking for the gems, putting them back in again, and then looking for them again. This a great activity, although super messy. Luckily, all it took was a few sweeps with a broom to tidy up.

This was a dragon tickle attack. I loved seeing them all laugh and play together. I really felt at home having so much many little ones about.

Here they are working on their packets and listening to conference.

I set up the tent again this year for conference in honor of King Benjamin and the people who faced their tents towards him when he preached his final sermon. These couches also proved to be comfortable for conference viewing.

M. and I also had fun with my smart phone. These devices are genius!

During the break we walked over to the local elementary school and took some pictures in the signs that they had up in honor of the VP debate.

We also played on the playground for a short while until somebody had to run home to the bathroom, even though I had asked if they needed to go before we left. I later found out that she had had an accident while we were still at the park. I just threw those panties away and moved on.
These boys were both talented enough to climb the poles and ring the bell at the top. Impressive.

M. cuddled up into my arms again during the second session of conference and then fell asleep. Awwww. Warms my heart. I love to cuddle with this girl.
I introduced the boys to "pass the pigs" and we had so much fun playing all evening. The boys then slept in the tent that night while the girls went back up to Abby's room for another "sleep over." Everybody was worn out and slept soundly. Hallelujah!

P.S. I have since listed to or read most of the talks from General Conference and felt especially edified this year. I love how the messages can speak to me as an individual and how God knows me and my needs. I love how technological our church is and how I can access the talks on the internet, through the Roku, or on my phone. I can either read them, watch them, or listen to them at my convenience and I have not even received my paper copy of them in the mail yet. I can even highlight my favorite parts or add comments and those markups are saved to my account so that the next time I refer to that talk, I can see what stood out to me the first time. Technology is amazing!


Kimberly Wilson said...

Are these Sierra's kids?

Kimberly Wilson said...

Oops. Ok, now I scrolled a few posts back, and see that you had them all for the weekend. I forget that these post much later than they happen (i.e. this was October 5thish).

No wonder you were tired. You did a LOT with them.

Go Katie, and I'm sure Sierra is very thankful. : )