Tuesday, November 6, 2012

One More Day of Exhausting Fun!

Monday was my last day with these great children and I tried to make the best of it. I once again wore them out completely.

I found a jean's skirt in M's bag and decided to dress these girls up to match. I had two black festive shirts and matching hair flowers. These girls are both so cute. I did get asked if they were twins a few times.

I met my friend Sierra with her boys at a Kid's Place in Lexington, KY. They all the children played and played for hours on end. It was great! There was no school that day because it was the first day of Fall break, so I had all three kids again. This was the perfect place to take them. I was worried that the little girls would not like it. The last time I took Abigail here, she was too afraid to do anything and she would not climb anywhere. This time she was confident and tried everything. She was on her own and did not need my help at all.

She even climbed up this green slide, which ironically is the only way up into this part of the playground. The toughest challenge was that socks are required here. She managed to go up it several different times.

The boys even taught her to slide down a fireman's pole.

She loved the rides.

This ride was a hit. We put in our coins and it started flying and then kept flying and then kept flying. She rode it for a long time before she finally got bored of it. I saw other children riding it later, still from our two tokens.

This guy was short a few tickets to get a good prize at the end, so I gave him an extra dollar to see if he could win anything. He won the jackpot. He was one happy camper.

The three youngest were out like lights for the entire drive home. The oldest talked my ear off .  I enjoyed hearing him talk . I hadn't ever really talked to him before and loved his youthful energy. He was a great helper during the whole weekend.
I did drag the three tired children into Sam's Club on the way home since I was in Lexington and needed a few things. G. almost fell asleep while walking. We rushed through the store, got everyone back into the vehilcle and then headed home. I must admit that I was very anxious to be driving around in a Lexus all weekend, especially since I have an extremely small driveway.

People were pretty exhausted and a little cranky by the time we got home. I had originally planned to make individual pizzas for dinner, but only B. was awake. He helped me make pizzas for everyone. Again, he was extremely helpful and a good kid. I think I like age 11.

I really was surprised by how enjoyable this weekend was. It was obviously a lot of work, but totally worth it. The worst part, besides the potty failures, was when the kids were playing in the basement and someone knocked over an 8 ounce bottle of olive oil onto the cement floor. It spilled everywhere. I threw out the rug and tried to sop up the oil with paper towel. I used almost an entire roll of paper towel. Oil is oily. Yuck. I left paper towel down all over the area until I was able to find time to scrub it with soap. The hardest part was trying to clean up the glass that was spread throughout all of the oil. Not fun. I am glad that no one was hurt and that nothing of value was destroyed.

I was sad to drop them off at their home that evening. I had thought of so many more fun things that I could do with them. Maybe there will be a next time....

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