Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

On Saturday we had planned to go to a local farm and pumpkin patch. Although the morning dawned cold and my friend who invited me to go to the pumpkin patch with her bailed on me, due to the weather, yet I decided that it would be better to take the kids out than to try to entertain them all at my house. Luckily the weather soon warmed up and it was a perfect day to run around on the farm and to enjoy the games and pumpkins.

The girls loved the hay maze, even though it was too easy for them. I think they went through it at least twenty times over the course of the day.

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The older boys were so good with the little girls. These two are sitting on a black swing tube. These swings were SO much fun. I loved sitting on them. The big boys would climb into the center of the tube and then there bodies would slide back and forth as people sitting on the swing would be swinging. This was one of the most entertaining parts of the farm.

The tire sculpture also was a big draw. Abby especially loved climbing to the top and  sitting in the dirt and then throwing it in the air and practically bathing in it. Note to self: farms are dirty; try to stay calm.

The rain barrel ride was fairly tame, but the girls rode it several times. The boys liked to lie down in the  rain barrels and ride head first. Abby soon copied them and rode in the same way.

This was a large bouncy hill. I do not know how to describe it, but they all enjoyed bouncing on it. The little girls were scared at first to climb it, but they eventually made it up. By this time I was holding on to hats, ipods, shoes, and jackets. Four kids equals four times the amount of junk that I am left carrying, and I did not even have a stroller with me to help.

We also took a tractor/hay ride. Abby decided to be buddy buddy with these girls (one shared her name) who were the only other family brave enough to brave the cold as early as we did. Our hay ride was mostly empty. 

I did not take any pictures in the actual pumpkin patch as I was trying to help four children find and carry their pumpkins without losing any of them (the children, I mean). They all loved the patch. I loved how G. pulled the girls in the cart all the way to our car. It was warm enough by this time that we ditched our jackets.
 We ate lunch there and were fairly impressed with the food and prices. B. especially loved the hamburgers and still talks about them. I, again, was aghast at how everything multiplies. 5 drinks, 5 sides, 5 main dishes, 5 treats, 2 toys, etc. It's a lot to keep track of. I loved it, though, and was proud of myself for being able to handle it.
These pumps worked well but they took a lot of effort to prime. The girls loved watching the water push the rubber ducks down the tube.

Somebody learned from the older boys to walk on the hay bales instead of in the maze.

There were three corn mazes. We went through the baby one first which did not have any false paths. Then we went through the medium corn maze and only got a little bit lost before we made it out. We later returned to this easy maze and played tag in the number 8. We did not attempt the longest maze.

This slide was fast and fun. We all took turns going down it and I loved it. The hardest part was catching yourself at the bottom without landing hard in the dirt.

Climbing tires was also a hit.

She liked to pretend there were alligators and she would hide down in the tires. The rest of the crew joined her there as well.

We were at the patch all afternoon. We then had to rush back home so that we could get ready to go see "hotel Transylvania" in 3D. I did not even get anyone out of the car when we stopped at the house to drop off some things. Then we picked up Benjamin and headed straight to the theater. I originally had not planned on going to the pumpkin patch and therefore had bought tickets to the movies. Then I decided to go to Devine's pumpkin patch and had already purchase movie tickets. This made for a packed day, but it was super fun. Abigail absolutely loved the movie. I need to buy it for her. She is so funny when she tries to talk like Dracula. Ben also related to the vampire character and his need for control, pretty hilarious.

After the movie, we headed back home and built a fire in the backyard fire pit. We cooked hot dogs over the fire and then made s'mores. It was a fun, if not a little hectic, evening. I love fire and was super happy to see everybody happy around the fire pit.

 Everyone was pretty exhausted by this time. The boys slept on the couches and the girls had a sleepover in Abby's bed. They were ECSTATIC!

The next morning (Sunday) Abigail woke up at her regular time. She came bawling into her room. We were concerned and asked what was the matter. She said that Matti wouldn't wake up to play with her. We had to console and entertain her for another hour and a half until her friend woke up.

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