Friday, December 14, 2012

E is for Elegant

In October I was again in charge of preschool. I had the letter 'E.' First off we made elephants out of bread dough. They used raisins for the eyes and were able to form the elephant heads using their hands and butter knives. Great activity, I found it here:

These are the cutest!

We painted/stamped with the letters A-E.

The girls worked on their trays. They matched letters, stamped, and practiced cutting straight lines. I found most of these printouts here: Her site is amazing! and so perfect for what I am doing.

This one is so simple, but they all love it.

 We also had an ELEGANT tea (water) party.
We all dressed up and I gave the girls crowns, necklaces, and rings. They enjoyed lifting up their pinkies and saying "dahhrling" a lot.

We love this little tea set, it is so much fun.

We took some time to enjoy the wildlife hanging around outside the window while coloring Easter eggs.

Painting with water is so much more fun that chalk.

I let the girls peel boiled eggs and then we made some egg salad. They all helped.

I used an egg shaped cookie cutter to make them all an egg sandwich. They all ate some and M even asked for seconds. She still talks about those egg sandwiches to this day. It's so funny the things that they remember.

We spread out and then collected Empty Easter Eggs.

We also made the capital 'E' elephant and the lowercase 'e' egg and chick that I saw here:
Letter E e

We played "elephant, elephant, egg" instead of duck, duck, goose and we played a game called "what time is it Mr. Elephant.

We also worked on the oval shape and the color black.

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Tawnya said...

That is adorable! I wanna go to your preschool!