Thursday, December 20, 2012

October 31st

We went trick-or-treating around town. I do not love the door-to-door thing, but Ben and Abigail really enjoyed themselves.

At seven, we raced over to the church for our trunk-or-treat.

This seven layer dip that I made was amazingly delicious. So good!

This year I went with the dragon/princess theme and built this castle for our dragon to protect. I placed it on the trunk instead of inside of it. Abby helped me paint the cardboard gray, and she help me glue little bricks on to it. She loves playing with the princesses. They are standing on used yogurt cups that I jimmy-rigged to serve as platforms.

Donut eating contest.

One of our young women was in charge of the face painting. Her skills were impressive.

The loot.

The glow on the right is coming from her "fire." It looked really cool in the dark.

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