Monday, December 17, 2012

Party with the Neighbors

Our neighbors kindly invited us over for a Halloween party. We had a yummy dinner, I brought some sweet potatoes. There were lots of fun activities for the kiddos and delicious treats for the adults. I was only creeped out a little by the plastic cockroaches placed strategically all over the food and desserts  We also all tried out our pumpkin carving skills. Abby told everyone that she was going to carve her own pumpkin. She was patient and poked out most of the pattern by herself. I even let her help me hold the blade while we carved. We were proud of our ghosts.

It was cold, though, and we were glad when they broke out the hot chocolate. We loved the socializing and were so glad our neighbors had thought to invite us. Halloween really can be a fun holiday.

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Tawnya said...

What very cute pumpkins!