Sunday, December 30, 2012

Southern Lights

Sierra invited Abby and me to join her on a special Christmas outing. She made each child a special ticket and then had a stamp for them for each activity that they completed.  It was such a cute idea and we had a great night.

First we took them to Chick-fil-A. This is Abby's restaurant of choice. She asks for it most days. Too bad it is an hour away. She loves to eat here and especially likes to play here. It was too bad, and super  embarrassing, when C., under my watch, peed in his pants while up in the toys. We then had to leave.

Next we drove to the event and slowly drove around as we looked at all of the beautiful light displays.

Then we went stopped for all the indoor activities. There was a craft fair with lots of fun, tempting things. There were carnival foods and pony rides too.
We tried to get pictures with the snowmen, but our little people would not stay put long enough. They were also vertically challenged.

Instead they played happily with the rocks.

The petting zoo was possibly the best petting zoo that I had ever been to. They had so many different animals and they had carrots and other grains available to feed them. I loved seeing everything and watching the children interact with the animals.

Waiting in line to see the camel.

Watching parakeets.

Red kangaroos. They were hopping around. So cute. 
 Finally, we headed to the free "train" ride. The line was long and we tried hard to keep the kids entertained while we waited. It was late by this time and their attention spans were short. I had the privilege of cuddling with the baby while Sierra had to wrangle all three children. She played games with them, chased them, and finally ended up sitting them down and telling them a story. It was so interesting that several people in line were following her story as well. The kids were enthralled.

 We finally made it into a train car and we loved the bumpy ride through the lights.

Smile for one last picture, please.

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Shelly said...

What a fun day! Sounds like lots of great activities. Thanks for reminding me that we need to go look at the house with all the lights. Happy New Year!!