Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thanksgiving in Illinois

We were so excited to get the chance to spend Thanksgiving in Illinois with my cousin Shelly and her family and my cousin Janene and her family. We really love visiting here and had a great time. There was lots of good food to be had and lots of fun gaming time. Abby loved all of the new toys and enjoyed having friends her age to play with.

I brought all of the supplies to make apple turkeys again. I love this craft. It keeps the kids entertained and also serves as a snack. This year I made royal icing to help stick the candy on to use in addition to the toothpicks.

Electronics are great. I am always surprised when I let my little tiny, irresponsible, child hold my expensive electronics.  I don't have a kindle, though, this time it isn't mine. They love them, though. We have quite a few games for Abby on our two phones and on our IPOD touch.

We stopped at Steak & Shake on the way back home and she asked us to take a picture of her as she posed with her car.
Many thanks to Jeff & Shelly for also treating us to free babysitting, as well as movie tickets to see the new Lincoln movie.

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Shelly said...

Thanks for coming!! And keeping up the apple turkey tradition