Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The College Hosted a Festival.

We love going to the Halloween festival that is put on by the fraternities and sororities at the college. This year they had lots of great booths and activities for the kids to do. She colored, painted, played games, got painted, threw toilet paper, and received all sorts of candy and treats.
She wanted to be a dragon this year. I already had the costume, so this was a winning suggestion. I made her fire out of tissue paper and a battery operated tea light. She was a cute and ferocious dragon.

Why again did I let her get a mummy tattoo on her cheek? 

Throw the toilet paper into the toilet and win a prize. Abby's first throw went right in.

I was so proud when she asked the girl to paint a flame on her cheek.

This cute red riding hood won the costume contest, all her mom's hard work paid off.

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