Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!!!

My family spoiled me today, of course. We arose early and had lots of time to prepare ourselves for church. We made it early. Benjamin made crepes for breakfast and had cards and presents on the table as well.

Bee was whiny and cranky as church began, so when one of the Young Women invited her to sit with them, I happily agreed. We had a relaxing, uplifting meeting with no little one to keep quiet. It was nice.

The primary children sang songs and during Sacrament Meeting. Then their kind leader dedicated sharing time to preparing gifts for the mothers. They wrote information about us to their best abilities and then they drew us pictures. They also gave us a gift bag with flower seeds and chocolate in it. I loved my gifts.

It's interesting to see how my three-year-old sees me. She's right on the chocolate one.

Not to be outdone, the Elders Quorum President spent his lesson teaching the men about the importance of treating their wives well and appreciating them for their worth. They watched the Johnny Lingo movie to remind them about Mahana and the eight cows, and then he sent them all home with a gift bag for their wives. In it was this mirror and pink flower clip, oh, and some more chocolate. It took me several tries to get my face in the mirror for this picture.
I thought that it was a funny idea. I'm still laughing about it. Thanks Sierra and Blaine.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


We had a couple of difficult weeks back in April. Bee came down with a cold and gave it to both of us. While she recovered within a few days, we were out for about a week and a half. The fluid did not drain from our ears for several weeks. This cold came with a sore throat, fatigue, coughing, congestion, and mild fevers. We decided to go to the doctor to see if it was strep. We went and made appointments for Benjamin and myself. Bee seemed fine. We took her with us and she was in a great mood. She played and played in the waiting room. She read magazines to herself, played with her ponies, hopped around, etc. She was fine.

The doctor concluded that our colds were viral and that we needed to continue to manage our symptoms with over-the-counter medicine. At my request he looked in Bee's ears, just in case. He then told us that she had double ear infections and that we needed to make an appointment for her and that he would prescribe antibiotics. Figures. We had to continue to tough it out miserably for the next week while she gleefully ran circles around us.

I finally went back and they gave me antibiotics out of pity. We went to a quick care center and our total visit was two hours. Bee was perfectly well behaved and we played and played while waiting for the doctor. She has been so happy lately. I had a small notebook with me and gave it to her while we were waiting. First she scribbled some and then she drew some circles, lines, etc. and told me that it was her friend C. Then she proceeded to draw all of her friends and their parents. She also drew me.
 I look a little frenzied, but am proud of her for the effort. She started with the eyes, then the mouth, and then drew the head. The arms and the legs come out of the head. She started (on the right) drawing short, spiky hair, but then she looked at me and changed her mind. She then drew long hair. I was so impressed. I asked her to write my name, mom. She drew two upside down M's at the top. Then she drew two O's near my legs. She started on another M but only decided to draw half of it.

Then she moved on to her father. He got the spiky hair.
She wrote out  D A D and then drew lines to connect them. Then she wanted to write daddy. Phonetically it ends with an EEE sound, so she wrote and E. I told her it ended in a Y so she drew a Y above the D where there was some room to write. So cute.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Precious Sunday

I wanted to take a nap. I actually was taking a nap when Benjamin called me down to let me know he had to head out to visit some people for church. Bee was playing outside and wanted me to play with her. That's all she wants nowadays. I can play with her one-on-one for an hour and then she will cry if I try to stop and do something else. 

I took my pillow and blanket outside hoping that I could rest while she played. She sat as near to me as possible and pushed the dinosaurs and the ponies into my face. Her sweet little requests won me over and I played with her. She looked so precious that I had to run inside at one point to get the camera.

I always love her eyelashes.

She is barefoot and I love how she is using her arms to balance here.

Here she was digging in the dirt and finding fossils. Then she would  "bring them" to me and it was my job to tape them together. All she really did was flip dirt around everywhere. I want to get her a sandbox.

I love this picture. Sweet innocence of childhood. She's coloring in her book, another thing that she's really excited about right now. Her coloring skills have improved 200% in the past week.

These beautiful flowers are all in bloom in the backyard right now.

This is what I was trying to do. She took this picture.
 Benjamin took her for a walk in the afternoon and then went downtown and climbed a parking garage so that they could get an aerial view of the town.These are some of the pictures that he took.

I LOVE this one.

As soon as they got back, she looked him sweetly in the eyes and asked if he would play with her. She needs someone to play with besides her parents. Maybe I can talk Benjamin into a cat. Here's hoping.

"Exaggeration and loudness"

Elder Scott, in his latest General Conference talk, gave a list of things that help and do not help in receiving personal revelation and inspiration in one's life. I thought this paragraph was interesting:

"Another enemy to revelation comes from exaggeration or loudness in what is stated. Careful, quiet speech will favor the receipt of revelation."

Since it's what I do for a living, I immediately thought it ironic how this relates to political discourse in the world today. Wouldn't you all agree that 90% of what is said in campaign commercials, cable news shows, and online blogs qualifies as either "exaggeration" or "loudness"? How many political conversations these days could be described as either "careful" or "quiet"?

Just food for thought. Maybe that's part of the reason that our national dialog is in the shape that it's in! ;-)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Yard Sale

Here in Kentucky they call them yard sales, but I grew up saying garage sale. We recently had a fundraiser garage sale/bake sale for my MOPS group. It was very successful. Bee and I went on Friday morning to help with everything. It was a chilly morning and the children were whinier than usual. She kept asking if we could go home. Once it warmed up, they played in the yard for hours and she did not want to leave after having been there for 4.5 hours. I think that yard sales are too much work, but in this case the work was split between many moms and I was glad to have been a part of it.

I made several dozen cookies. I made some oatmeal M&M chocolate chip ones and I made my favorite chocolate Rolo cookies. Unfortunately, I am on a crazy no sugar four week diet right now. I was proud of myself for making all of those cookies and not even licking my fingers. The cookie dough sure looked good.

I did pacify her with games on the IPOD. She voluntarily shared it with her friend I.

Here they were hiding in the bushes waving leaves. When I got closer, I realized that the Easter message must have sunk in because they were saying Hosanna to the King as they waved their leaves.

Monday, May 7, 2012


Dressed for church on a Sunday. All in white. I added mousse to her hair and tried to make it curly.

Here her eyes clearly show the genetic tendency that my family members have where one eyes is always a little more open than another. My dad and my sister have it the strongest, but my eyes do it as well and so do Bee's.

This picture doesn't accurately capture her excitement for the stickers. Notice how her notebook is bulging from all of the stickers. We have been in a sticker phase recently. This is what her hair looks like most days.

We're pretty proud of this photo. Bee loves online computer games and is adept at using the mouse. Sometimes she accidentally clicks out of her game and then we have to get up from wherever we are to fix it. I was headed to take a shower and wanted to make sure she was entertained the whole time so I opened two different pages in the hopes that it one was lost, she could play on the other. She capitalized on this opportunity and found that she could watch movies on the left screen while playing games on the right. In this photo she is actually playing two games. The left is a dinosaur train game off of where you seat the passengers on the train, feed them, punch their ticket, etc. and the game on the right is a coloring page from She is already a talented multi-tasker.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Easter Sunday

I had contemplated having the Easter Bunny come on Saturday in an effort to keep Sunday more focused on the Savior. However, I returned from my Indianapolis trip Friday afternoon and needed more time. 
We woke up Sunday morning, early, and found the following note: 

Dear Abigail,
Hoppy Easter! Today is a special day when you can celebrate Jesus Christ and His wonderful life. I have left some special presents for you to find today. First you must dress up in your Easter dress and then you’ll receive your first clue. Have fun! Love, The Easter Bunny

She happily dressed and even let me straighten her hair a little bit. Here is the final result.

Then I handed her the first clue:
Clue #1
Your first gift is hidden in the room where your mom teaches the seminary students about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Search well and collect any eggs that you find along the way.  Don’t forget your basket. Hoppy hunting! Love, The Easter Bunny 

 Clue #2
Next, hop to the room where you eat your lucky breakfast. Here is hidden another surprise. It’s eggciting! Love, The Easter Bunny
Look at us all matchy-matchy. It wasn't planned.

Clue #3
There are lots of eggs along the path, fill your basket as you hunt. Now head outside where bunnies like to run and play. I had some fun swinging in your swings and sliding down your slide. There I hid another special gift for you.
The Easter Bunny

This $.25 dinosaur proved to be her favorite gift this year. She loves dinosaurs right now. 

 Clue #4
Good job. You’ve hunted well! You’ve done eggsactly what you needed to. Now head to the family room and hop around until the last present is found. Love, The Easter Bunny

There was another Easter basket in the living room with a chocolate bunny, a stuffed dinosaur, some candy, and a large soft Aurora doll that she had really wanted one month earlier. Apparently the egg hunt was much more fun and she showed little to no interest in these gifts. She was bummed that there were not more eggs to collect. We caught her lack of enthusiasm on video, we also caught footage of a surprise visitor.
Kudos to the Easter Bunny for the fun egg hunt, it was eggsactly what Bee needed. I think we'll have a talk with all of the holiday characters and recommend more scavenger type hunts.
We had so much fun and really enjoyed the day. We arrived to church with extra time (we were all dressed by 7 a.m.) and loved the Easter messages.
Then we were invited to Easter dinner at a friends house. Here are the name cards that I made. My photography skills (or lack thereof) did not accurately capture the color of these nests. The kids loved them. Bee helped me place all of the "eggs."
Happy Easter everyone!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Thanks Grandma

We received a fun package surprise in the mail. Bee now understands when the mail is for her and she was so excited to open it. Everything that was in it has proved to perfect for her.
These flower stickers are so cute. She played with them then, later at church, and then finished them off  soon  thereafter.

This thank you card was made especially for Grandma.
The chick. This has also provided hours of entertainment. It has a small ball inside that lights up. The poor thing was recently disemboweled by Bee and now it's legs are no longer attached to it's body. She still carries it around and sleeps with the light-up ball part.

 The boots are super cute too!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Benjamin recently took Bee on a daddy-daughter date to a state historical landmark, Fork Harrodsburg. Here are some of the pictures that he took. It was one of the first settlements west of the Cumberland gap. He also said something about Abraham Lincoln's parents having been married here. I do not remember what I did in their absence, but I'm sure I enjoyed myself, while also missing them both immensely, of course.