Sunday, December 22, 2013

For Fun

She always asks for the butterfly right now. I think that this was at the BBQ festival. Can't remember.
 Here she is on her first day of dance. It's so fun to see all the little girls in their dance attire.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

School Days

My little student took this picture of me one day and I like it. She loves the camera and is always taking pictures. She takes more pictures of me than I would like, but this one is now one of my favorites. Yay for four-year-old-photographers.

Lacing Cards

This year I instituted a show and tell once a week. The girls are to bring in items that start with the sound of the week. They love this and they bring the best things to show and share. So much fun!

Alphabet tubs. They love to play with these any time they can get their hands on them.

I found a great book at the local library about M&M's. 
The m &M's Brand Counting Book - 1994 publication
It was so old that it included the tan M&M, which made it hard to do the counting activities, but we adapted. I really did love the book, though. It taught counting, math, organizing, shapes, sets, and more. It was tasty too. I was proud of them for being patient and waiting to eat the candies until the right moment.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Tried and Tested

Pattern Blocks

Pattern Blocks. This is one resource for the preschool that I am so glad we ordered. They have been even better than expected. This simple bucket of blocks has provided hours and hours of entertainment. These blocks are so versatile and useful. I love them and I love the creations that the girls come up with. 

The girls can either follow a prepared pattern or create their own. I love it when they do either. They are both proud of the things that they create and always ask to take pictures of their creations.
Here are just a few creations with the first few weeks of school. They will even choose to play with these blocks during their free play time.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

We Started With Letter C

I did a little research on pinterest this summer and decided to again have an alphabet-based curriculum. Instead of going in order, however, I found this order to follow:

Here’s the order suggested in How to Raise an Amazing Child the Montessori Way by Tim Seldin:
First set: c  m  a  t 
Second set: s  r  i  p
Third set: b  f  o  g 
Fourth set: h  j  u  l
Fifth set: d  w  e  n
Sixth set: k  q  v  x  y  z 

Circle Time

Active Play. This set has a variety of squares that the students walk on while listening to music. When the music stopped, they had to do the activity written on the square. The activities included things like jumping jacks, squats, arm circles, the crab walk, etc. We also have a large die that we roll to determine how many "squats" or "arm circles" to do. I have been surprised by how hard it is to make time for active play. I always criticized schools for cutting back on recess, but there are so many things that I want to do with my students, that I can now sympathize with the schools a little bit.

These girls love to work in workbooks. Seriously, they love them.

Dot markers are still a hit. I have more colors this year and they got very creative with them.

I love my sand tray. I gave the girls sand, a fork, and alphabet cards. Their job was to write the letters in the sand, one at a time. 

Grilled Cheese Snacks

This craft involved LOTS of sticky wet glue. The students put it on themselves, though. 

I've been pretty possessive about the alphabet tubs and Abby knows that she is not allowed to play with them without permissions. She was pretty excited here for free play with the camel, the cookie, the car, and the letter C tub.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

First Day of School

I continued the tradition of taking a picture of my little one outside of our front door on her first day of school. Here are the ones from this year. They are so great!  I am so glad that I get to stay home with this precious girl every day!

She is growing up so fast!

On a side note. I bought this jumper years before thinking that she would be able to wear it to kindergarten. There is no way it will fit her by the time she enters kindergarten, so she's wearing it now.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Classroom

I left the letter posters up from last year. I just love these. I've even been so happy as the girls still refer to them often.

Trays and books.

This puppet set has a puppet for every letter of the alphabet. They have been so useful. The students respond very well to the puppets. They love to hug the puppets and I use the puppets a lot to give encouragement during reading.