Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Birthday Party Preparations

Abby's grandmother, a huge fan of purple and a talented graphic designer, created this invitation for Abby's purple birthday party. Abigail is not old enough to appreciate how cool it is that her grandmother can do this.


I attached a hair elastic to each invitation that was received by a little girl in the hopes that they all would wear them to the party. The headbands turned out extremely cute and they fit most of the girl's heads. Some didn't make it to the party (some didn't survive the week), but others wore them and they all looked great.

These are surprisingly easy to make and I only burned myself with the glue gun five or six times between making thirteen rosettes. I found the inspiration and the instructions here. I changed it up by using circles that I cut out with my Sizzix die-cutting machine. I used ten circles for each flower. I decided against cutting out 130 flower shaped petals by hand and was pleased when the circles worked fine.

Any guesses as to what I am doing here? Funny side note about the violet food coloring that you can see at the top right of the picture: I dropped it at one point and food coloring went everywhere, including on my neck, my eyelid, and all over the stove and floor. Fun times. I had a pink eye for our Ward's Christmas party.

Or here?

What about here?

The cake.

I love to buy her a balloon bouquet for her birthday every year. She has so much fun with the balloons.

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Tawnya said...

Those headbands are adorable! If I ever get ambitious...