Thursday, January 3, 2013

Four Years Old...Sniff

Abby requested that we play pin the tail on the pony. I drew this pony, following a grid pattern that I made, based off of a picture that I found online. Abigail colored in the hair and the diamonds mostly by herself. Her Spanish tutor was there and helped,but Abigail had colored in quite a lot of it by herself before Isa got there.

Gift bags

I'm loving the purple. I made each girl a balloon filled with homemade , violet colored play dough. These feel like the balloons I had as a kid that were filled with flour. They are the best stress balls. I had each child draw a face on the balloon and then we hot glued pom balls as hair. I called them Purple Pals. I got the idea from here, she called hers Wacky Pals. These are addictive. I was running out of time getting ready for the party and my hands were getting tired from stuffing things into balloons, so I talked my Seminary students into helping me. They enjoyed it and each made one for themselves as well.

Then I sent everyone to the playroom to play. It was super easy and they all enjoyed it. I had blown up several balloons in there and somehow they all made their way into the cardboard house.

This year she let me blindfold her for the game. I was so proud.

She colored most of the tails in herself too. I put her to work this year.

I had some snacks available to those who were interested. I was proud of R. for eating the green pepper sticks.

This is my kind of piƱata. No fighting, and lots of fun. The challenge is stuffing toys and candy into a balloon before blowing it up. My fingers were sore. The kids enjoyed popping the balloons and finding the candy. I found the idea here and got some good hints from my friend Jenny on how to recreate it. Instead of attaching the balloons to the board with T-pins, I cut an x into the cardboard and just pulled the balloons through. I made this the night before and most of the balloons stayed full until the next day.

Some of the parents weren't too happy that the bags contained whistles and harmonicas....

Purple Present Opening, surrounded by purple friends.

The cake.

Happy as a clam!

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Tawnya said...

Cutest party ever!