Friday, January 11, 2013


I loved my friend Samantha's idea to interview her girls on their birthdays, so I copied her questions and interviewed my little one soon after her fourth birthday. Thanks Samantha!

Here are her answers:

Abigail - 4 years old

Favorite thing about Mommy:  well, I like to play games with you.
Favorite thing about Daddy:  That he is always nice to me.
Favorite Book:  Umm, Cinderella
 Color:  All the colors in the whole world.
Song:  The My Little Pony Song
Movie:  Rapunzel
Food:  Broccoli and Hot Dogs.
Treat:  Sugar
Friends:  Sophie, Caylor, and Matti
Ice-Cream: Chocolate
Sport:  I don’t play sports.
Toy: My Rocket Ship
Place to go: To Matti’s house.

How much do you weigh?  I don’t know. 25.
How tall are you? I’m as tall as the computer.
IF you could be an animal, what would it be?  A zebra.
Tell me the funniest joke you know.  Knock, knock, who is there? cash. Cash who? No thank you, but I would like some peanuts. That’s the funniest joke I ever knowed.
Would you rather be a princess or a fairy? A fairy
What do you hope to learn at school today? I want to learn about milk and how to say it in Spanish
DO you like girls of boys better?  I like girls the best…and boys. I like boys, but girls the best.
What makes you happy?  My friends.
What makes you sad?  When people don’t listen to me and take things out of my hand.
How do babies get here? They grow it.
What do you like to wear? I like to wear this (purple sweater). It’s brand new, and I like it. (She’s content in what I put on her, as a rule)
What do you want to be when you grow up? Everything. Well, I want to be a paleontologist and a volcanologist and an earthquake scientist and an astronaut. I want to be lots of things. You know how much kids I’ll have when I’m grown up? How many? Five. That’s not big, that’s not a big number, right? I mean, eight, I’ll have eight babies when I’m grown up.
What do you like best about yourself? That I have to play a lot and playing is kid’s exercise.
What is your favorite thing to do? Play with my mom.
What does daddy do at work? I don’t know. He types on his computer.
What does mommy do during the day?  Work.
Who is your favorite person?  My friends.
What is Heaven like? I don’t know.
Why do you think I asked you all these questions? Cause I want to play computer games (I wouldn’t let her until she answered all of my questions).


Kimberly Wilson said...

So cute!

She's as tall as the computer, and playing is a kid's exercise.


Lonna said...

That's my girl!!