Friday, February 8, 2013

Early Christmas Morning.

We were actually pretty stingy with the kids and would not allow them to go downstairs until after 7 a.m. Bryce was so excited that he was up early. He played on his DS at the top of the stairs for quite a while.

I brought up some oranges and apples to fill their stomachs a little bit before the onslaught of sugar.
Carter tried to escape early.

My brother is a good guy and a cutie. I'm lucky to have him.

Santa got Bee everything she ever wanted. She was so happy about this toy. She was ever so grateful this year at Christmastime and I was proud of her manners.

Amy cross stitched this stocking. Let me repeat - she made this. Wow. Can I say wow?? I am so impressed. She was also working on one for their little girl while they were here for Christmas. It is so beautiful.

The happy family on Christmas morning. We're pretty lucky.

I tried to get in as much baby holding time as I could. She was so precious.

Somebody's excited.

My new scarf.

A new hat?

Ring pops. Santa knows that the kids enjoy ring pops.

 It was chaotic, but enjoyable to see everybody open their stockings and enjoy their presents.

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