Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Last year Kimberly and I had this genius idea to go Christmas clearance shopping. We had a lot of fun. we found gingerbread houses on sale and decided to buy them and use them the next year. I put mine in the deep freeze and forgot about it. Kimberly brought hers with her this year and I pulled mine out from the freezer. It worked great. The candy was soft and the frosting worked well.

Karolyn was oh so patient as she helped the kids with their houses. She is so creative.

I tried to make trees again like I had last year, but they were not near as successful and my hands hurt form squeezing the frosting bag.
Last year.

This year.

Kits really do make things easier. I went to CVS clearance this year and bought six new kits for $2 each for next Christmas.

Benjamin enjoying some sweet baby time.

Nice glasses.

I always love a good cuddle. Not sure if, or why, she was sad here.

Best husband ever. I love this man.

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Shelly said...

Fun houses, I'm going to have to recommend the cone/tree idea to Janene.

I LOVE that green scarf on you, great color!