Monday, February 4, 2013

Guests Arriving

We began our busy Christmas season this year with a visit from Karolyn. She is wonderful and amazing. She helped clean, cook, play, etc. I just loved having her and was so glad that she could make it. Especially since she had only been home from her mini-mission to Russia for a few weeks. She is great! She even let us talk her in to (we begged) letting us go see the Hobbit without her while she babysat. She is so kind.

Abby took this picture of all of us post-exercise.

I put my hair down and thought that this photo was an improvement.

Karolyn decorated this white board for me in anticipation of everyone else arriving. The picture does not do it justice. So amazing. 

I made this sign again, with help from some of the nephews. You can see Carter's scribbles on the left. It's too bad I am a control freak and did not let them help me more.

Jeffrey (a young teenager) decorated the chalkboard for me. He has always been so artistically talented.

I made a decorative and delicious veggie tray, which everyone enjoyed. Some only enjoyed it visually, while others dug in and ate the vegetable.

The tree, mostly decorated by Abigail, started to look full as the presents piled up.

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