Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love Them

I love my family. It's probably funny that it is Valentine's day and I am blogging about Christmas still, but that is how my blogging goes. If we're lucky, I will already be blogging about V-day by St. Patrick's day.

We had another special evening where we gathered to sing hymns and Christmas songs. Grandpa gave a devotional at the end. It was neat. I turned on the fire and stayed in front of it for most of the night. The harmonies were beautiful and we all enjoyed the beautiful music and the chance to sing.

Some people were more involved than others.

Kyle and Amy sang for us. So amazing!

Karolyn also sang. I love to hear her sing.
In honor of our families tradition of being musical, I invited them all to sing at church while they were here and they agreed.

On the first Sunday, I sang with my dad, my mom, Rob, and Karolyn. Kimberly was too sick to sing. (Did I mention that everyone in their family was on antibiotics that week and they still made it all the way to my house for Christmas? Now that is dedication.) It was nice.

Kyle and Amy weren't there the first Sunday, so I asked them to sing a duet on the next Sunday. They graciously agreed and we were so lucky to hear them sing in our ward. I love my family. So talented.

Ben and some of the boys enjoyed a day trip to Abraham Lincoln's birthplace. Here is the 'shrine' that encases the spot.


Lonna said...

Thank you for doing this. It is so fun to remember it all!

Kimberly Wilson said...

I loved the singing.