Thursday, February 7, 2013


We enjoyed our yearly tradition of reenacting the nativity story. Nana brought all of her costumes with her (thanks so much Nana). Everyone was assigned a part to play with the new parents getting to play the coveted roles of Mary and Joseph. I, somehow, ended up playing the part of a cow. At least I know what my family thinks of me now.

After dinner, and prior to the nativity, we calmed everyone down by watching "Mr. Krueger's Christmas." That's always a good one.

Then we congregated in the living room.

Abigail was an adorable shepherd. Benjamin kindly agreed to participate  as long as he didn't have to dress up or participate. He got to narrate the Christmas story from the scriptures. Kimberly played the piano.


Nana's makeshift manger was pretty impressive and must have been pretty comfortable.

We love this special tradition and enjoyed each other's company. This was the evening that we especially missed our our other family members that could not make it out to my house for Christmas. We missed them and wished that there was a way for us all to see each other more often.
We enjoyed cherry and blueberry cheesecake next. We even had enough to leave out some for Santa Claus.

Then the children were sent to bed while the parents cleaned the kitchen and prepped the house for Christmas day. It was exciting and exhausting. We were all glad when it was our turn to enjoy a few hours of sleep.

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