Sunday, February 3, 2013


Benjamin bought Bee a toy dinosaur when we were in Utah this summer. It has turned out to be one of her favorite toys. We had it at grandma's house and then it got lost. We had to leave there to make our visits to our family and friends south of there and she was distraught when she couldn't find it. We left and were gone for over a week.

Benjamin left a day after we did to head to his job working as a grader for AP government examinations. They had found the dinosaur by then and he took it with him to his hotel. When we came to visit daddy at the hotel, Abby was super surprised to see her dinosaur on the bed and she concluded that he had snuck there from grandma's house to find her. She was so excited. Ever since then, this dinosaur has been found doing lots of sneaky and funny things. I like to think of him as our year-round elf on the shelf. She loves to find him in the mornings and to see all of the trouble that he gets in to. One time she found him on the kitchen table with his head inside a knocked over box of cheerios. That dinosaur received one strong tongue lashing from her.

I haven't taken many pictures of his antics, but he has taken baths, hung from ceiling fans, and popped out of closets.

This morning he decided to become an ornament and decorate the tree.
One morning he was found coloring in bee's birthday coloring book.

On her birthday, he snuck into the wrapping paper and wrapped her a gift and then stuck a bow on his back. She was so excited about this that she told everyone about it at church. They were all pretty confused as she was talking about a parasaurolophus that wrapped her a present for her birthday.
 I LOVE this dinosaur. I have had SO much fun with this dinosaur. Let me know if you have any good ideas about what he might do next.

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Emily said...

That is such a great idea! I love that she chewed him out for getting into the cheerios. Very creative!