Sunday, February 10, 2013




Great books. Lots of great, great books.

Cute hat.

Mini chutes and ladders for her doll.

My homemade paper magnetic dolls were finally ready.

I loved finding Abigail coloring with her grandpa.
We received lots of wonderful presents this year and feel very blessed. We were especially grateful for those that were able to come visit us for Christmas. That was the best gift of all.

Abby does not remember any of the gifts she received. When asked, she remembers her dream lite and the candy from her stocking. That's it.

I had purchased her lots of toys form a local consignment sale. She has played with lots of them since then and I am glad that I got them.
New Bee pajamas for my little Bee.

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Jansen Family said...

I love that you're doing Christmas in February! I have a ton of stuff I want to put on my blog from last year still too!