Friday, February 15, 2013

Service Project

I was a little startled to find this spider, and Frodo hanging down from his string, on my kitchen shelf. That spider is lucky that it survived the day.
I wanted to organize a service project while my family was here. Our ward was in charge of taking meals to some needy people one Saturday and I signed us up for dessert. I wasn't about to make cookies and call it good, especially when I saw two of my friends making this cute craft that they found on Pinterest. The pinner even included the free download for the project. I helped one of my friends make these for her daughter's class and then she gifted the leftover whoppers to me. My other friend also gifted me her leftovers. In the end, we made over fifty packages. It was fun and everybody was helpful. They turned out extremely cute.

Daddy loved this shirt that his little girl received for Christmas. 

I love how she is so comfortable with her family. She warms up quickly.

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