Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Bitter End

Too soon, people were leaving our home. Christmas was over and it was time to get back to the daily grind. We tried to enjoy every second with those that were able to stay a little longer.

Nana made quillows for EVERYONE this year. She made them Everyone received a blanket that was sized to fit them. She even finished off the edges with a blanket stitch on ALL of the blanks. All of them. She has herself and her husband, six children, and their families too. Wow. She even bought fabrics specific to each person. This BYU one is Rob's I think. One of the boys received a Star Wars one and Benjamin received a University of Iowa blanket. This was such a thoughtful and useful gift. They were meant to be emergency blankets that would always stay in the car, but Abby sleeps with hers every night.

She's so pretty. Love my sister.

Kyle wins the uncle-of-the-year award (well maybe they're tied, Ken did take her fishing this summer). When none of us wanted to face the cold, Kyle played with Bee outside in the 'snow' for an hour. She was so happy. Their little snowgirl was pretty sturdy and lasted at least a week.

Lucy loves to play games. Isn't this the cutest outfit ever?

Kyle and Amy celebrated their anniversary at our house. 

Cute boy.

She decided to lock her cousins in their room. I think she was made that they weren't awake yet. 

We replaced the color on house with a color on rocket ship this year. We bought it after Christmas, once they were on clearance. These provide great entertainment for the kids. I love them.

They even let Abigail color on it this year on the nice side.


Soon the house was quiet and everyone was gone. We miss them all. It took me several weeks to clean everything the way that I wanted to. I didn't touch the playroom until last. Christmas was great this year. Thank you to everyone who could make it. To those of you who couldn't, we really missed you. Much love!

Here's a priceless video.


Kimberly Wilson said...

Love! Bryce weighs about 50 lbs, btw.

We all love our quillows, and they are often grabbed by little boys just before scripture time.

I didn't even know Abigail "locked" us in our room. Too funny that she was mad we weren't awake yet. Haha. Can't wait to show this to our boys.

Kimberly Wilson said...

p.s. Sorry I didn't help with that playroom before we left.