Sunday, March 10, 2013

Marvelous M

We made delicious muffins and then delivered them to her classmates (with their makeup packets) who were not able to come as part of our classwork.
These word windows are awesome. I found the idea on pinterest here, but did not want to pay for them, so I opened up my trusty computer programs and figured out how to make them myself. They were a lot of work, but turned out so well. What you cannot see in the picture is that as she keeps pulling out the paper (reading letter by letter) the last box shows a picture depicting the meaning of the word, so that she can check herself. Love these. I have the file if anybody wants to make some themselves.
Trap Door Readers (file)

I also made the good and bad mannered monsters that I found for free on this website. Abby and talked about what are some nice things to say and what are some means things. She then posted the monsters to the wall according to which category they belonged in.

As always, she does everything with a dramatic flair.

Then we moved on to coloring and cutting practice.

I was doing her hair as she worked on this project. It's fun to see her hair in stages throughout. She was so focused on this activity.

Instructions and printables found here.


Tawnya said...

How fun!!

Kimberly Wilson said...

Always so awesome! And I don't want the file, I want the actual things you made, once Abigail is done with them. : )