Sunday, March 3, 2013

My Birthday

I celebrated another birthday this year. Benjamin was a sweet husband and spoiled me all month. He even bought me the wheat grinder that I asked for, even though he doesn't like whole wheat.
He also played an awesome game of Scrabble with me. Look at how close the scores were. He let me win.
I love how we used the whole board on this game and how we did not box ourselves into a corner.

Benjamin and I made a carrot cake, from scratch, for my birthday. He and Abigail made the frosting.

Guess who did most of the work?
It was a delicious cake. I do love carrot cake. I miss Heyn's carrot cake ice cream from Iowa City. I tried to mix cake in with ice cream, but the effect was not the same.

We went out to lunch for my birthday. Abby made the letter 'A' with her silverware.She's always thinking and processing. I love restaurants that have coloring pages and crayons, they are true lifesavers.

The cake.

I also asked for a girl's game night for my birthday. Several of my friends came and we had lots of yummy food. I made another veggie tray. It was so much fun and it was totally worth cleaning my house on my birthday. I love playing games.
I also love facebook for a birthday. I really appreciated all of the birthday wishes that I received over facebook. Thanks everyone for showing me love on my birthday.


Kimberly Wilson said...

A very belated Happy Birthday from me!

Benjamin said...

Katie won by 10 points in that Scrabble fame. She also got the 50 point bonus for using all 7 tiles at one point. For the record. ;-)

Benjamin said...

Game, not fame.

Tawnya said...

Happy Happy (belated) birthday!!