Saturday, March 9, 2013

Preschool Again

This time I was in charge of introducing and reiewing the letter M. Abby helped with the preparation work. One of our student's names begins with M, so we labeled her carpet square for her.

Perschool arrived and both, BOTH, of her friends were sick and unable to come to both days of preschool that week. Abby and I had to learn about M by ourselves. Part of this included making a makeup work packets for the other girls.
I saw this activity at the lcoal Montessori schoool and then copied the idea by making my own at home. Abby loved it. She was mad that it only when to eight, instead of ten. I'm sorry, but I ran out of room.

M&M's are fun and motivating. This printout was from confessionsofahomeschooler. I love her

Notice how precise her placement is. She made sure to match the  color and the position of the letter.

I saw this marshmallow painting idea somehwere, on pinterest. I had her paint with marshmallows and white paint.

Then we used the marshmallows and purple paint to practice the letter 'm.'

We used our moustaches tattoos from Santa.

We did this cool experiment with m&m's. The instructions were to place the candies (or skittles) in a bowl filled with water, making sure to place the letter m facing up. Then we left them there for an hour or so.

We learned that while the m&m's sink, the letter 'm's' will detach from the candy and float to the surface of the bowl. So fun and mesmerizing.

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Kimberly Wilson said...

Katie, you seriously rock. I would have just cancelled doing the class at all, and you totally taught A. and did makeup work for the others. AMAZING.

Also, I love seeing all the stuff you do, and I'm trying not to be envious of how organized that playroom looks behind you. No wonder you waited till we all left to get it back to normal!