Tuesday, April 16, 2013


When I was growing up, my mother kept my hair curly with those blue plastic foam curlers. I remember using them often. I remember them being uncomfortable, but successful at curling my hair. I have lots of pictures from my youth displaying the curls created by sleeping an entire night on blue foam curlers. I guess that traditions are hard to change, I am trying to create the same thing for my daughter. Luckily I found a product that I like a little better. They are called curlformers. These mesh-like curls keep the shape of a perfect curl. Wet hair is gently pulled through them in small sections. Then as the hair drys, it keeps that shape of the perfect curl. Abigail loved them the first time that I put them in her hair. She said it was like having earrings all over her head. She liked to swish her head around and see how they would move with her.She didn't even complain much about having to sleep on them. They can't be too extremely comfortable.

The results are pretty amazing. The only problem is that her hair is already getting too long for them. I either need to cut it or buy the longer set of curlformers. I haven't tried them in my hair yet.

I love this photo, although I should fix the red-eye...


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Jared & Tristan said...

very cute! I've heard of those before, I think I'm definitely gonna get some in the future!