Tuesday, April 30, 2013

S for Shamrock

We started off the month of march by making Shamrock wreaths.

I love using the preschool folders that my mother made as part of my preschool curriculum. The girls love these.
I decorated each carpet square with each girls first letter, Abigail helped. It was funny when Sam came to our house the next day for Spanish class and he was so excited that he rearranged the carpet squares until they spelled out his name.

S for snowman and stars. We also practiced cutting out hexagons. Our color was gold.

The furthest tray on the right has several objects from space. The girls had to cut them out and then put them in either the "planets" column or the "not planets" column. This was a great activity. I found it and several other great ideas that I also incorporated into my "S" lesson here: http://www.theiowafarmerswife.com/2012/09/baby-bear-preschool-letter-s.html. The rocket coloring page was good too and the girls liked to practice counting down from ten.

Our "S" page was a snake. I cute out small hexagons for the girls to use as scales. It was a labor of love.

I also used the scotch tape to make an S on the carpet and a hexagon on the carpet.

Here she is practicing number writing. These are a favorite for the girls. I printed them from  http://www.confessionsofahomeschooler.com/ and then laminated them.

We also did this activity as suggested by our preschoolpalace.org curriculum:

Movement: Snake dance. Turn on the music. Have the children lie on the floor with their hands to their sides and their feet together. Ask them to try to slither and hiss Ssss sounds like a snake. Can they dance like a snake? Stand up and continue dancing like other animals that you call out—bird, chicken, dog, cat, bunny, kangaroo, etc.
I did not use music but instead just had them act like the animals. I enjoy kinesthetic activities.


Lonna said...

I love your blog. All your activities remind me of the preschool that I had in my home when you were so small. So fun!

Kimberly Wilson said...

You do so awesome.

I let the kids make their own pizzas Saturday night and Rob wanted to know where that came from; he pointed out how much the kids loved it.

I explained that I totally got it from you; you did that with my kids a couple of years ago when you and Ben were visiting.