Friday, April 26, 2013

Valentine's Day

We had our traditional pink heart-shaped pancakes, and heart-shaped pizza. This year I added heart-shaped hot dogs. I called it a heart dog. Thank you Internet

Abby received many valentine's through her parent's morning out school. She missed the party though and I had to go pick up her valentine's for her.

We made two different valentine's for her friends. This was the simple one, and I am currently at a loss as to what I did for the complicated one. I remember now. The gift was bouncy balls and the saying said "you make my heart bounce." She picked out the balls for her friends and helped create each valentine.

We felt loved this valentine's day and love the opportunity to share love with those around us. This is a good holiday. I like focusing on loving everyone and not just on our significant others on this day. Everyone should feel loved.

Abby received a fun book in the mail from her aunt Jenny. It is titled something like "Will you be my Valenswine?" and is about a young pig trying to find a valentine. Abby loves this book and I love how in the end the lonely pig realizes that she does have someone who loves her truly and unconditionally, it is her mother.

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