Saturday, April 20, 2013

Would You Like to Buy an "O"?

When it was my turn to teach preschool again, I focused on the letter O. We ate lots of Cheerios that day.
I love these Cheerio brand books. They really provide hours of entertainment.

Abby is getting a lot better at sounding out short words. I love these word sliders. Again, I got the idea here:, but I then made my own.

Shape sorting and counting.

The girls love to watch each other as they are working. The game on the far right was a favorite. It was a sheet with six different insect pictures followed by six corresponding paths, each designated by a number 1-6. The girl rolled a die to determine which insect would move forward. The corresponding number was marked off on the chart. Everyone was curious to see which insect would win the race. This activity was great for counting.

I copied this idea from one that I saw at the Montessori school. Abby wanted it to be longer. She wanted there to be ten rows instead of the eight rows that I was able to fit on the paper.

I saw this idea on pinterest: The golf tees could be pressed into the Styrofoam and then the girls tried to balance the marbles on the golf tees. This activity also kept them very fascinated and intrigued. The girls were impatient for their turn with this one.

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