Friday, May 31, 2013

Easter Colors

Our local library offered a small Easter egg hunt for the children after story time around Easter time.
There were only a few eggs and Abby was very sad about that, but she did enjoy searching through the books for some plastic Easter eggs.

Thanks to Megan for bringing an extra basket for her.
 The following pictures are from a Perry Platypus bowling birthday party.

Cute bowling shoes. This is what she did when I asked her to smile.

Opening presents is so much fun.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Preschool Again

We are reaching the end of the alphabet and preschool will soon be over. This week we covered the letter "W", the number 13, octagons, and the color purple.

I found these magnetic tangrams at the dollar store. I  followed the guides on the package and made patterns for the girls to follow.

They love to see each other work. Their heads are always together.

Here we were learning about wind and air pressure. I gave them each a straw and a small pom ball. They were to blow the pom ball across the table. It was hilarious. I have also started letting Abigail dress herself. She picks out her own clothes the night before and then has to dress herself each morning. I hate losing control of this area of her life.

Some of the girls just painted a few seeds on the "watermelons," buy Abigail spent  at least ten minutes covering most of the red with black dots.

The Jonah and the Whale stickers are from Oriental Trading.

I absolutely love this puzzle. Abby practiced cutting, sorting, and counting. I downloaded it from .

I played a game with them where they had to find something in the room that was purple and then I would name a body part that they had to touch with their object; i.e. neck, wrist, ankle, elbow. Then I turned it over to the girls to choose a body part and this is what they came up with.

I allowed the girls all three dot markers for this activity and was proud to see this one making a pattern and sticking to it. She had two green, then one purple, and then one black. Very nice.

I saw this idea on pinterest and made my own version. The middle of the word is missing the vowel and the girls had to place the correct bottle cap to complete the word.
We also did the following activity:

This experiment I found in the World of Science  book I received awhile back from Master Books.
Cut a hole in a plastic jug and watch the force of the “fountain” spill out into a baking dish. Ironically we watched Ice Age 20 the other day and Scrat had some water pressure issues in that movie. It was funny to watch them try to cover the whole and stop the water with their finger.
This is a great science activity to incorporate when explaining the Flood.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Birthday Trip

My parents graciously said yes when I asked them if they would watch Bee while we took our first post-baby couple's get away. It was great, although a little weird, to get to plan an adult vacation. I am so used to planning our trips around child-friendly activities. So here are some pictures of two history nerds living it up in Philadelphia, kid-free. 

We made it to Philly!

Independence Hall.

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This is where it happened, the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution. The debates, the Wow, just wow! 

This is my cute husband. Behind him is the actual chair that George Washington sat in, rising sun and all.

House of Representatives.


Benjamin Franklin's Grave Marker

Benjamin Franklin's grave.

Betsy Ross Home.

Reconstruction of the Benjamin Franklin properties.

The Liberty Bell.

This is the room where Thomas Jefferson lived while he was writing the  Declaration of Independence.

We had to try the Philly Cheese Steak. There were so many different options.

In addition to seeing how paper money is made, we also visited the mint and learned about how  our coins are made.

Our hotel was close to the Chinese sector.

Benjamin described this trip as his best birthday ever. We thoroughly enjoyed every minute. We even enjoyed watching some of the basketball games on TV. We watched an exciting game where an unknown Florida team managed to win their game against a highly seeded team. After the game we went out for ice cream (much later than we ever get to go out) and on our way out we learned that the game had been played in Philadelphia and that the Florida team was staying at the same hotel we were. That was fun. All the hotel staff was super excited.

The drive back to Maryland was long and slow. So much traffic, so much bumper-to-bumper. Ugh! We are so spoiled by the light traffic in our hometown and this driving experience reminded us to appreciate our nice little town and our peaceful traffic. Abby seemed happy to see us again, although I don't think she missed us too much. She had so much fun with Nana and she loved that Nana and Chessie slept with her. She got to play a lot and even got to go to the park. No complaints from her.