Sunday, May 19, 2013


April 24, 2013:  
This morning Abigail brought me a pteranodon dinosaur toy and told me that the tail was too long. She held it up to me and indicated with her finger: "It should be _this_ long!" The conversation proceeded:

BEN: "Well, why do you think the tail is too long on this toy?"

ABBY: (pensive for a moment) "Well, because a paleontologist probably didn't make the toy so they didn't know how long to make the tail.": "That's a good hypothesis!"

ABBY: "Yes, it IS a hypothesis!"

Thank you PBS and "Dinosaur Train."

April 3, 2013: Sometimes I compose emails using Google speak. Abby loves to listen to me dictate texts/emails and is now fascinated by punctuation  I laughed heartily when she came up to me and said “Can I have some water, question mark.”

March 31, 2013: While in church she looked at me and said: “God sure does love us.” It was so pure.

April: We had a serious conversation in the car the other day. She was concerned that the sun was going to explode some day and burn up our earth, thanks a lot Sid the Science Kid.  I tried to console her by explaining that scientists don’t predict that this will occur for millions of years, i.e. for a long long time. She thought about that and started crying. So much for my calming skills. I asked what was wrong and she, through her tears, explained that she did not want to come to a burned earth after she was resurrected. The kid is already planning her post-resurrection life and is determinedly expecting this earth to be left as she imagined it. Profound. She also plays make believe with her friends that they fly in a rocket ship to the sun and that they all burn up because they got to close. No worries though, to her resurrection means an infinite numbers of lives and resurrections.

March: She also is pretty proud of her ability to talk like the southern folks that we are surrounded by. She proudly advertises in her drawl that “I said that in a southern accident.” I can’t correct her yet; I just love to hear her say that.

March.  She still loves Dinosaur Train and talks about dinosaurs all of the time, when she isn’t talking about dragons. My favorite part is that she refers to a predator as a creditor. So she runs around the house telling me that we need to hide from the creditors. Awesome!

March 2013: While in DC we visited family (The Nyborgs). Abigail and I was playing with the scrabble tiles and she was reading three-letter-words as I created them (I WAS SO PROUD!). I kept changing the order of the letters or substituting different letters to make new words and she said: “My mom is always a tricky girl.” Everybody laughed pretty hard.

March:  Abby loves to remind me on days when we have ‘missed’ quiet time. She always waits to remind me until the time has passed. She is so pleased with herself.

March 27, 2013: Abby invented a word: slitch. She uses it to refer to the tiny pieces left on one piece of a puzzle that finished a picture found on another piece of the puzzle. She also uses it to mean ‘titch.’ Does your ear hurt? “Just a slitch.”

March 15, 2013: While playing some sort of make believe game, I tried to correct an error in something that Abigail had said or assumed. She responded with: “Right now I am pretending you are wrong and I am right.” She knew she was wrong, but she found a way to needle around that sticky little detail.

March 10, 2013: <>My favorite thing from church today: in primary Abigail was listening to one of the bishopric counselors talk about Jesus and she raised her hand and said "My mommy told me that Jesus lives on a different planet!" That's my girl! -Benjamin

February 22, 2013: She got a hold of my phone, went into the other room, called her father and left the following message on his phone: "Daddy I love you and hope you get home soon." 

January: “Mommy, you are great a breaking things.” She offered this sincere compliment to me after I 
successfully broke a candy cane in half.

January? Abigail found an old cardboard egg carton and decorated it. She spent hours coloring it and filling it with “treasures.”  When she showed it to me, she exclaimed “This is my happy box.”

1/29/13 _ From Miss Christy “I was very impressed..when I asked ‘what color is Mrs  christy’s sweater?’ (b/c we were spying some blue things), expecting a simple “blue” reply, Abigail reminded me I had better be on my toes when she, much more accurately replied, ‘turquoise’! Bright young lady.”

1/30/13 – I put curlformers in Abby’s hair and she loves how they bounce when she moves. She said “it’s like I have earrings all over my head.”

1/25/13 – Abigail drew a picture of our family at church on Sunday. Then she came out to the front entranceway to show it to her father. In front of everyone, and very loudly, she said “I drew our family. But daddy looks funny, because he doesn’t want to go to church.” Embarrassing. I asked her in the car why daddy didn’t want to go to church and she replied “because he wants to dance.”

1/25/13 – Abby found out mommy had left one morning before she woke up and she said with a sad voice: “whenever she goes I think about her and all the nice things she does for me….”

12/26/12 – Abby was so grateful for all of her Christmas gifts this year. She kept saying “this is exactly what I wanted.” She was such a good girl.

12/21/12 – Daddy wrote “Abby is dramatically disappointed that it will still be several hours until Karolyn arrives.” She does everything dramatically.

ABBY: What's a 'philosopher'?
BENJAMIN: It's a person who thinks about questions like 'what is reality' and 'what is truth' and things like that.
ABBY: That sounds like a scientis
BENJAMIN: Well, kind of, except a scientist tries to answer questions with evidence that you can see and measure, and philosophers try to answer questions with arguments and values and sometimes there's no right or wrong answer.
ABBY: Oh. Those are silly questions.

Sep. 2012: Her, self-dictated, part for the primary program: “My house is a happy house. I try to listen to my mommy and daddy.”

8/7/12 :This morning:
Abby: Daddy, I love you because you're big and strong!
Me: Well thank you. (Thinking to myself: those two words aren't usually used to describe me!)
Abby: Yeah, you can move a couch! Or a bench!

1/19/12 – Daddy texted “I like that Abby goes right to sleep 90% of the time.”

10/14/12 – Text to grandma Lora “Abby was crying this morning when I told her you couldn’t come over to our house to visit. She curled her lip and shed real tears.

5/20/2012 –  “I am a fish eater, I am a fishivore.” While playing with her pteranodon stickers.

2.13.12 Today she was playing grocery shopping. She took an upside down cardboard box and pushed it to the pantry. Then she loaded it up with groceries and took them over by the sink to her “house.” Here she proceeded to tell herself that she needed to eat her vegetables before she could have a treat. So she opened up a bag of croutons and began munching. Then she brought me the bag of marshmallows and asked me to open them. She argued that she had eaten her vegetables and now could have her treat.
2.26.12 "I'm out of batteries. I can't run anymore." While outside on a walk/chase with Mom and Dad

3.10.12 Obsession with death, dead bird. “When my body doesn’t move anymore then I will be dead and you will be sad.” Matter-of-factly.

3.10.12 “ouch-a-daisy”

3.11.12 “oh my, oh dear, o my grosscious” Cat in the hat

3.12.12 southern accent on the vowels.

3.11.12 Why? Why? Why? What?

3/12 Ouch-a-licious.
3/14 Sierra Hicks
While in the car this morning my friends daughter who I am babysitting kept telling me about a giant spider sitting next to me. I kept listening just thinking she was being silly. Finally at a red light she insisted that I look at the spider and I turn and there is a huge real spider about an inch from my ARM. Eek!— with Katie Cropper Knoll.

Sierra said that she also described the size, color,etc. of the spider. However, in Sierra’s defense, Abigail is always imagining that there are dragons, dogs, cats, etc. in the car with us and happily tells us about all of them.

3/24/12 "why did the dinosaurs all die, daddy?" "that's a good question - we're not sure" "it's not a question, daddy. It's a hypothesis. And we can test it."

3/20/12 "ouch a daisy"

3/22/12 after looking at the pictures in a book and ‘reading’ the story she said: “this story was made possible by…” Too much PBS?

4/28/12 - "you're distressing me."
When she did not get her way.

4/15/12 We told Abigail that if she didn't obey she'd get a time out. Her response: "I don't want a time out. I'm distressed. Mommy, daddy My energy is drained” She says this anytime she isn’t getting her way.

5/17/12 "Will you share daddy with me, mommy? I'll give daddy back when I'm done marrying him."

5/18/12 Well mom, that sure was one squishy hug.

5/18/12 “Mom is amazing”. Spoken to dad, randomly.


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She makes me laugh.

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These are so adorable! She is really a sweet girl! I love the "creditors!" So funny.

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I could read these all day--so precocious!