Thursday, May 9, 2013

Candyland, Abigail Style

The cards were made into protective houses for the pieces to hide in.

As was the box and the game board.

This one just danced around wildly.

Another day we had Miss M over for a play date  While the girls played, I painted the living room. Notice how the wall behind them is covered in white spots. Some of these were created by the couch bumping against the wall and the rest were created when I tried to remove the "removable stickers" after Christmas. I found out at the paint store that the previous owners had used Eggshell sheen, which is apparently not the most sturdy, especially when children are involved. It just comes right off the wall if it is jostled at all. Luckily I was able to find matching paint and my walls look perfectly red again.

I push the two couches together and the girls enjoyed reading and playing in their fort.

So goofy. I was proud that I was able to touch up the entire living room and caulk quite a bit in the kitchen while the girls kept themselves entertained and managed not to touch wet paint. I miss her being small, but I love seeing her grow up and become more responsible.

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