Friday, May 24, 2013

Her Favorite Part

When asked what her favorite part about the trip was, she always replied with "the metro." She seriously was a little ball of joy when we were riding it. Metros are joykillers for most people. It's just a means to get where you are going. Most the people around us were serious, bored, and listless, whilst she could not stop smiling. She loved it.

Always with the dog. Always. I do have to admit that Chessie is a very patient dog.

Getting her hair done.

Here she is posing in front of the Smithsonian castle. You can't see well, but she has her toy snake with her and is posing with it for this picture. The weather was nice and I let her play around these gardens for an hour or so that morning. Her dad took his laptop and found a sunny spot to work all morning while we explored the sites. Then we all went to lunch at a yummy El Salvadorean restaurant that we found through the internet. We love pupusas.

We also went to the air and space museum.

She was part of a demonstration where they asked her to catch a ball. I was amazed that she actually caught it on the first try.

Then they put goggles on her to replicate what it might feel like to be in space and she then was unable to catch the ball.

We had fun in the air and space and went up into the space station display. She wanted to stay there and play house and was disappointed when I told her that it was a walk through display and that we could not stay there and play.

Then it was back to the Natural History museum to the discovery center. This area is only open on certain days and certain times, so I rushed over there to make sure we spent time there while it was open. They have lots of touchable displays and energetic volunteers who love to teach, explain, and show.

We stumbled onto the insect section while waiting for our turn in the butterfly exhibit and  were  lucky that the staff were out and were showing off a bunch of different creatures. She liked holding this large caterpillar in her hand.

We were please to find out that the butterfly exhibit was free that day. We got tickets and then patiently waited for our ticket time. We were both fascinated by all of the beautiful butterflies. We didn't even mind the hot sauna that was the butterfly house.

She really wanted one to land on her finger.

After that we headed to the sculpture park and ate sandwiches on a picnic bench. Abby accidentally dropped half of hers on the ground. It sat there for a while and then a squirrel appeared. First it climbed up the back of our bench and checked us out. It's claws were less than an inch from my fingers. Then it jumped down and sneakily (or maybe not so much) edged towards the sandwich. It finally grabbed it and ran a few feet in front of us and started devouring the sandwich in plain sight. It wasn't scared of me at all as I got up to snap some photos. It finally got scared when some people came walking up the sidewalk and it ran off into the bushes with the sandwich in tow.

Tree Sculpture

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