Sunday, May 5, 2013

More Photographs

Q-tip painting. I found these template online. She was happy to paint one dot at a time, while her friend wanted to use the q-tip more like a brush. They spent almost thirty minutes on this activity.

The insect number race. Looks like #1 is ahead.

O is for olive.

This is a blurry picture showing her at story time t the library. We've been here so many times and never really documented it with a photograph. Miss Libby is the children's librarian. She remembers all the children's names and they love her. 

Playing with the blocks that uncle Kyle and aunt Amy got her for Christmas. I love blocks. I would always take more blocks.

Riding off on some fantastic adventure in dinosaur world.

We found these figurines for $.50 at a store. They were white plasterish figurines that came with paint. Abby painted them herself. She patiently took the time to personalize each piece. She now loves to play with them 

Here she is in her cardboard rocket practicing her writing in the States book that she received for Christmas from Grandma and Jenny.
She is always busy and active. You'd think with all these activities that she never watches TV, but that is not the case. She spends a significant amount of time watching her favorite shows (Dinosaur Train, Blue's Clues, Dora, Bo on the Go, Sid the Science Kid, and Diego) and playing on the computer. I bought her a subscription to and am very impressed by it. Luckily I called them on the phone and got a much better deal than the one that is offered on the website. She also plays a lot on,,, and nickjr. These websites have helped her learn to read, to recognize shapes and colors, she has learned about math, science, etc. She knows how to mix colors to make other colors and she know about recycling, taking care of the earth, and about being a scientist. She currently wants to be a volcanologist, a seismologists, a paleontologist, and a wildlife biologist, and a mom. She has also talked about being an astronaut and said that her husband will have to stay home with the kids while she travels to space. :) Although we try to give her lots of non-technologically based experiences, we are impressed by how much she absorbs from technology.

The other we were in the car on the way to PMO and she started mentioning that she was concerned that the sun was going to explode. How does my four-your-old know about the sun going supernova? I tried to console her that that would not happen for a long long time and that she was safe. I explained that her children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren would all live for a long time before the sun would ever get old enough to die. She thought about that and then started crying. She explained to me that she was sad and that after she had died and then resurrected that she didn't want to come back to an earth that was all burned up. Wow, talk about thinking about the future. I told her to trust in God and that he would take care of things. She really is a thinker.

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