Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I focused on space for the letter S. We talked about planets, comets, the sun, the stars, Saturn, and the solar system. My favorite snack of the year was this solar system. I made the rings around the "sun" and the girls placed the "planets" in their orbit. They were so proud. Abby still talks about this snack. I found the idea on pinterest, of course:
Sun = open-faced grilled cheese
Planets = carrots, ritz cracker, green olive, string cheese, plum, cherry tomato, blueberry, and banana. My favorite was how we took the banana peel and turned it sideways around the banana to look like a ring. I made the "orbits" with yogurt in a frosting/piping bag with a small round tip.

Marshmallow painting. 

Moon sand. Fun, but messy. I added too much water and this was pretty sloppy. I found a recipe here:

We pulled out all of the playdough cutters and had lots of fun with the moon sand.

Snowflake sorting and pair matching. Visual discrimination. From

Six legs equals six sides. A perfect hexagon. I love these girls. They hopefully recognize a hexagon now, they all wanted to call it an octagon.
We also did this and it was a hit:

Here’s some simple science to go with “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”  Copy rockets or stars onto cardstock.  Have the kids color the star or rocket.  Cut it out and tape it to a coffee stir stick.  Slip the stir stick with the star/rocket attached into the end of the straw.  Blow the open end of the straw and the star/rocket will fly out.  If you are working on counting backwards, make the rockets and count down before they shoot them off.  You can experiment with this by using different paper which changes the weight and therefore the distance the object flies.  You can also add some math by measuring how far the star/rocket flew.  You can also make a “moon” out of paper and see if the kids can get their rocket to land on the moon.

Activity: S is for socks. Find an old large sock and force a small butter tub or plastic container down to the toe area. Find several small items to use for this game and hide in a baggie behind your back (i.e., S items like spoon or sponge — or any other item like quarter, crayon, rubberband, etc.). Without being seen, put one item at a time in the sock. Then sing the song and let one child reach in and guess what it is.
There's A Secret In My Sock (tune: The Farmer In The Dell) There's a secret in my sock, A secret in my sock, Can you guess, oh, can you guess The secret in my sock?

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