Monday, May 20, 2013

Spring Break Trip - March

We went to Washington, DC for spring break again this year. We really have enjoyed getting to visit so often now that my parents live near there. It 's a great excuse to see the sights and visit family at the same time. Bonus: I don't have to bribe or convince my husband to go, he is always excited to head to the nation's capital.

The drive was long, but manageable. I felt sick due to the windy roads in West Virginia and was glad to finally get to our destination. We made good use of the GPS and wouldn't want to try and get around without it, although we like to think that we could.
Here is a box of incentives  that I made to make the drive bearable and interesting for Bee. 

She took right to her Nana and immediately wanted to sit on Nana's neck just where the dog likes to sit. Nana was very patient and accommodating.

Chessie was jealous.

Here is a picture of Ben spending quality time with Bee in the play room.

She is very happy.

Here she is locking the dog in the shower. She had it on a leash and dragged it around the house for an hour. She is truly obsessed with pets.

We even got the chance to get away and spend some time in the Washington DC temple. It was really nice. Thanks to Nana for making that possible.

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