Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Zoo is Free

Abby and I took another mother-daughter trip while we were in Maryland to the Smithsonian zoo. It was a fun day. I walked a lot and she enjoyed riding in the stroller.

A lot of the animals were sleeping at the time we started out.

This one was extremely playful and entertaining. I loved how she used this blanket as a toy and as a comfort.  She seemed to be looking directly at us and posing for photo ops. Abby thought the gorilla house was too stinky and she did not want to stay long. I thought it was fascinating.

These guys are scary.

This zoo has an O-line where the orangutans can climb back and forth from enclosure to enclosure above  the zoo. We were privileged to get to see this one in live action. We also were lucky to not be underneath it when it decided to relieve itself while high up in the air.

We enjoyed playing in this play area again.

The cats were awake and active. They were pacing back and forth.

We spent more time visiting this rock than spent on any other animal at the zoo. We all know what she prefers.

Here is a picture of the Lion roaring. There were two male lions in this enclosure. We are assuming that one was the father and that the other was his cub. I wonder if they'll have to be separated soon. The cats were hungry. Below is a video of one Lion pacing and pawing as he waits for his lunch.


The elephant footprints were a big hit.

Somebody got tired. Interesting, since she mostly spent the day riding in the stroller.

Our last stop was the zebras. Apparently they are her favorite animal. Below is a video (her first) that she took with my cell phone. It's a little bumpy, but you can hear her cute voice in the background.


We enjoyed some yogurt afterwards. I was pretty proud of myself for not spending any money while at the zoo. I only bought a hot chocolate from McDonald's before and then fro-yo after. We had a good trip.

This is what she did on the metro. A month later when we were talking about our trip she chimed in and remember that we had to take two different trains to get to the zoo and that we switched from the orange line to the red line. I was impressed that she had been paying attention.
And that is all I remember of our trip. I was proud of myself for getting out of the house and all the way across the city by myself while everyone else in the family was busy. I'm glad we didn't just hang out at home by ourselves.

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