Saturday, May 25, 2013


Nana's just love to cuddle.

It was misty and rainy, and the blossoms have not yet bloomed, but it is always fun to be on the National Mall. I think that might be the White House in the background. We didn't walk over to it this year.

We did visit the treasury and we learned about how paper money is made  what laws and so forth govern all of it. We saw lots of money being printed, cut, stacked, and counted. This sign shows that she is as tall as $932,000 in stacks of bills. Nana and Papa came with us in the morning. Nana and I went early to get tickets for the treasury museum. We had to be outside in the drizzling rain for an hour. After the museums, they headed back home and we stayed for more exhibits. Nana and Papa both had to work the rest of the week, so most of these pictures don't include them.

Here at the American Indian museum she collapsed an igloo, learned about habitats, houses, kayaks, snowshoes, basket making, etc.

Her favorite activity was creating a paper reproduction of a star quilt. She was very precise as she picked colors, glued, and pasted. We had three of these one our fridge for several months.

This is the Library of Congress. 

A nice view of my two favorite people in front of the Capitol building.

She thought the floors were perfect for dancing, and the echoes weren't bad either.

In the Natural History museum we watched an imax movie about flying dinosaurs. She loved it and didn't think that it was long enough.  
Her dad loves to teach her about fossils.

Of course we visited the paleontologists.

And the dinosaur bones.

They had a special orchid exhibit. It was beautiful and smelled beautiful in there.

We watched a movie about evolution and the connectedness of all the  mammals on the planet. She sat next to this chimpanzee.

We love the museum of Natural History and went several times during this trip.

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