Wednesday, May 22, 2013


While out in the area we were able to see lots of family. I was so excited to see my Aunt and Uncle again and am ashamed to admit that we did not take any pictures of them again this year. They are doing well and are extremely involved with their calling in family history work. Many thanks to them for making the effort to come over and see us while we were in town.

We also went to visit Benjamin's aunt and family.They have great kids and Abby loves to see them. By chance, great-grandma was visiting that day with another of Ben's aunts and we got to see them as well. We had yummy crepes for dinner and enjoyed the entertainment put on by the young ones. Abby was a little shy and definitely not used to the extroverted display of talents.
She eventually did dance a little for everyone.

She was so glad to see great-grandma again so soon.

While the kids watched a movie right before bedtime, Abby preferred to play ponies by herself. She was in heaven with so many ponies. Ponies are her favorite toy right now. She has at least fifteen, but still wants so many more.

Here she is playing with a puzzle that Christopher made in school. She also 'played' boggle with me and was able to read several three letter words.
Spinning plates.

Towards the end of our spring break trip, we visited my cousin Tom and his family. They had us over for breakfast even though they are in the middle of remodeling projects and they had a sick kid. The food was excellent and it was great catching up with them. Unfortunately, again, we took few pictures. How is it that I take pictures of lots and lots of inanimate objects and buildings, but I forget to document my interactions with friends and family? Ugh.

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K-Krew said...

We're so glad you were able to stop by! And I love that picture of James.