Monday, May 6, 2013

Wild West

As part of a MOPS playdate, we all went to the local community arts center for a fun, interactive presentation about the Wild West. I didn't realize until I arrived their that her hair was perfect for the event.
Here the small children are trying to figure out what the presentation about the gold rush is all about.

Unpictured on the left was a small room representing a post office, the kids could go in there and write and "post" letters. On the other side there was a room representing a jail and the kids could go in there and draw wanted posters.

This is what we did during the presentation.

Notice how she's the one driving. I have been told to say that instead of calling her bossy, I should say that she shows good leadership skills.

This "wheel of fate" was full of possibilities that could happen to travelers on the Oregon trail. She spun more than once.She died several different times. Sometimes it was sickness or an animal attack. She fell in rivers or off cliffs and got bit by snakes. She struck it rich a couple of times, but mostly had misfortunate spins. 

Here she is grinding corn.

Making patterns based on native american artwork. In this room we learned about words common to the Wild West that were originally based on Spanish words. This was fun for me. I wish I had taken a picture of that display. They also had a train set for the kids to play with and a loom the kids could weave on.

Panning for gold. This was hard work. We eventually found a pretty significant sized nugget of "gold". She was excited, held on to it for a minute, and then threw it back into the mud. All that work....ach!

Playing in clay. She made a snake.

She never played with these life sized log cabin blocks.

Here she is drawing someone she called Abigail (who had black skin) on a wanted poster. I had not explained to her what she was drawing, so I do not think she understood that the poster represented a criminal. I was proud of her for recognizing those with different skin colors and wanting to represent them. Ben was a little dismayed that it was on a wanted poster. I truly think that she was oblivious to that fact. She named it Abigail, after all.

We are grateful that our community, in cooperation with the Pediatric center, provided this fun exhibit for the children. She had so much fun and we wanted to go back, especially when our preschool letter was W, but unfortunately they were booked and we were not able to go again.

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