Sunday, June 9, 2013

April Road Trip

I am in the fortunate position that I usually get to celebrate/enjoy spring break twice each year. I usually take off the week during Benjamin's break and then I get the week off during the school's break. For my second break this year (Benjamin had to work), I went to Cincinnati with my friend Sierra. She bribed me with a free trip if I would help her with her kids. The kiddos did an okay job entertaining themselves on the short two-hour drive there. We bundled them up with blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals. It was not too early, but we figured that it couldn't hurt. We turned on a movie and only Abby complained.

We went to the GAP outlet store and took turns inside, i.e. the moms shopped in peace. While I was out with the kids, I took them on a walk around the parking lot. We played in the grass strip between the cement. They really had fun.

They collected pine cones and made a nice pile.

Then Abby stole a kiss. She knows she is not allowed to kiss anyone besides her family and got in trouble for this before when she told us that she was "smooching on Caylor" during one of their soccer practices. Poor Caylor, he's fighting it.

Look how happy she is and how pretend mad Caylor is.

Then she collapses into the grass because she is so pleased with herself. I think the teenage years are definitely going to be a challenge for us. While the guy is over it and back to working on what he was working on in the first place.

We went to the aquarium. It was very busy. Remind me to avoid all public places during school holidays. I did not enjoy myself, despite the awesomeness, because I was so worried about losing one of the six children that were with us. I was not a good parent and spent a lot of time yelling and restricting. It was very stressful for me. So many people crowded into so little space. It reminded me of the time that I went to the Indianapolis Children's museum on one of their free days. It is an amazing museum, but not necessarily worth the effort to go on a free day. We spent a good deal of money on the aquarium, so I was determined to stick it out.
Shannon got some pictures of Abigail and I touching the rays.

Wow! So huge.

The sharks were fascinating. I could watch them for hours.

Here she is riding a frog. She loved these.

I got this little one to fall asleep in my arms. Thanks to Sierra for letting me hold her for awhile.

I got to hold a sweet little baby, who fell asleep in my arms and Sierra had to deal with this. Nice.

These observation windows were concave shaped. You could walk into them and sit as if you were actually in the water. The reflection off the window gave you a false sense of how deep it was and it was fun to watch people reaching out trying to determine how far it went. The kids spent quite a bit of time in here.

The penguins were fun too.
I hope to see this aquarium again at some point when there aren't so many people. It was fun to be there and the kids loved it.

The next three pictures were also taken by Shannon. We stayed at her house while we were there. We had a fun game night while the kids were playing in the basement (instead of sleeping, erg.). I love game nights.

I have learned that Abby does not sleep when other children are involved. She is used to being alone in her room and when other kids are around she is not able to calm herself down enough to fall asleep. I finally had to separate her from the boys and she finally fell asleep.

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Sierra said...

Can you see how tired I am in these pictures?? It was still fun though!